About Collectivemarketing.org

Collective marketing.org is a crowd-sourced knowledge on internal organisational regulations that can make life easier for producer groups, by providing solutions to common, endemic, organizational challenges that groups face when developing their marketing activities. As these solutions will always be context- specific (depending on the product, the support of institutions, or the scale of the organisation), this crowd-sourcing is facilitated by a comparative framework that helps to achieve targeted search to find solutions or lessons relevant to specific types of challenges.

Collectivemarketing.org is part of the ESFIM programme (Empowering Smallholder Farmers in Markets). ESFIM’s objective is to generate demand-driven action research supportive to the policy activities undertaken by farmers’ organisations to strengthen the capacities of smallholder farmers in developing countries to generate remunerative cash income from markets by creating an enabling policy and regulatory environment as well as effective economic organisations and institutions. www.esfim.org