Get involved! is looking for examples of organisational intelligence to add to the website. Many practitioners who work with farmers’ organisations may already have such information at their disposal, as most project activities are internally documented. We ask you to share these stories with us. All quality submissions will be included on the website. The most relevant examples will be considered for inclusion in a planned hard-copy publication.

We welcome unstructured stories and will extract the relevant organisational solutions for the database and website. However, we would welcome even more stories that document how farmers’ organisations have coped with these tensions, and which highlight the following features.

  • The context: tell us about the group’s activities and the problems that led them to come up with their solution.
  • The mechanism: tell us about the organisational mechanisms used to resolve the tensions between group and individual interests.
  • The outcome: what was the result of the introduction of the mechanism? How did it change the behaviour of the members, or affect the way that the group performed its functions and activities?
  • An evaluation: would you recommend this solution to other farmers’ organisations? Are there any pre- conditions to be met in order to introduce and use this mechanism? Or, can you suggest better ways to cope with similar problems?
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